Cosmetic contract manufacturing

plus formulations to delight your customers, a consultancy based on many years of experience, and much more!

The four pillars of our activities:


We focus on creating value through innovation. We use ingredients that have been proven in in-vivo and in-vitro tests, but we also develop individual raw materials to customer specifications, offering a unique market advantage.


From the very beginning, we have focused exclusively on natural cosmetics. For this reason, we use high-quality oils, plant butters, and biotechnological extracts instead of petroleum-based products.


The unique, long-standing experience of our R&D laboratory in the field of natural cosmetics, combined with high-quality, certified, and carefully controlled production, is a recipe for a safe product launch.


We respect our customers’ rights, as exemplified by our standards, including the non-disclosure agreement, transfer of economic copyrights to the customer, or working on formulas to full approval – without limits or disappointments.

Our partners, certificates, and awards:

We co-create The Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry
We are the largest tenant in the Science and Technology Park in Opole
ISO 22716:2009 certficate from TÜV SÜD
IFS HPC certificate from TÜV SÜD
Silver Laurel of the Opole Chamber of Commerce
Reliable Contractor certificate from ERIF sp. z o.o.

The cosmetics we have developed have won dozens of awards in national and international competitions. Still, due to the applicable non-disclosure agreements, we cannot brag about the details (as well as our customer list).

Please find out more about us and our philosophy by reading our articles on LinkedIn:

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