History and standards

or why we have been moving forward for all these years


N Cosmetics creates natural innovations for healthy skin.


Introduce product and process innovations in cosmetics.
Combine the effectiveness of products with nature and safety.
Treat consumers and supliers as partners.
Continue to train and share knowledge and experience.
Create value with respect for employees, the environment, and the local community.

Our approach to standardization

For us, norms and standards are not bureaucratic. We create all procedures for ourselves and don't support ourselves with consulting companies that don't know our industry's specifics. We have chosen the certification body by evaluating the auditors' competence, quality, and worldwide recognition.

Despite the introduction of relevant guidelines, we try to maintain the creativity of our employees and create synergistic effects in the work of different departments. Hence, we focus on processes and projects, and we consider all procedures to be living, evolving mechanisms for ensuring the quality of our work.

The company's history:

2003-2010 – the years before we started our business

The future owner of the company, Edyta Wilk-Domalewska, obtains a Master's Degree in Chemistry (University of Opole, 2003) and then a postgraduate cosmetology degree (Technical University of Łódź, 2004).
Five-year experience as a technologist/director in a cosmetics production company (2005-2009).
Gaining competencies as a Quality Manager and Internal Auditor for quality management systems, environmental management, and occupational health and safety management at postgraduate studies (Gdańsk University of Technology, 2010).


Our company was established on 1 February 2010 in Gdynia. We are preparing to enter the market with our product and service portfolio. Creating the first formulations for our needs and very first customers is our first challenge.
At the end of the year, we move the company to Opole. We earn a small income and show a considerable loss due to the investments we make.



In January, we introduce our first four products to beauty salons. We focus on combining nature (safety) and innovation (effectiveness) in our cosmetics.
We see significant interest in our products. At the end of the year, we introduce new products (a series for mature skin) and increase employment.
Our income increased several dozen times, but the company still recorded a (slight) loss.


We continue to expand our assortment (a cleansing series), employment, and income.
In April, we moved to bigger premises in the center of Opole equipped with a professional laboratory.
The company shows a small profit after clearing half of the losses from previous years.



We launched our first treatment signed by our brand.
We increase employment, also in the laboratory.
For the next year, the company shows increased income and profit (after clearing the rest of the losses from previous years).


The year is marked by significantly boosted contract production and formulation services.
The products created by us win their first prizes abroad.
We also keep our salon customers in mind by introducing new cosmetics. Our portfolio now includes 30 products.
We significantly increase our turnover and profit.



We move to the Science and Technology Park in Opole, an ideal place for innovative, promising companies from the region.
This move opens up exciting new opportunities for us.
We set up our production facility – until then, we have relied on outsourcing.


Through our partnership with BRANDGLOW, we introduce a new logo that conveys both modernity and a commitment to nature. The logo is with us to this day.
We receive the first support under the RPO (EU funds) of the Opole Voivodeship.
We certify `our plant to the ISO 22716:2009 standard.
We significantly increase revenue and profit, retrofit the R&D department and employ more staff.



We have become a member of the Polish Association of the Cosmetics Industry.
We increase employment and equip the production department.
Edyta receives the Silver Laurel of Skills and Competence.
Once again, we significantly increase our revenue.


We begin our third EU project.
We begin visiting international fairs showcasing cosmetic raw materials and cosmetics.
The company continues to grow, but we need more space in our current premises.
We launched our first private label – eeny meenyeeny meeny – aimed at pregnant women, young mums, children from day one, and people with sensitive and atopic skin.



We moved to new premises (approximately 3,000 sqm) and significantly increased our income.
We attract more customers to work with us and employ more once again.
We also continue developing our own cosmetic brand.
We work on our software for the R&D departments of cosmetic companies.


During the pandemic, we produce antibacterial gels and support our existing customers.
Thanks to the entire team's commitment, we even manage to increase our revenue.
We set up a new laboratory to develop cosmetic raw materials.
We create a company profile on LinkedIn and share our knowledge.



Since the beginning of the year, we have significantly increased our revenue.
Our brand (eeny meeny) became profitable at the end of the year (after two years), and we gained a lot of experience building marketing for this cosmetic brand.
Our laboratory is already working on our software – we are eliminating its bugs and fine-tuning its functionality.
We continue investing in production equipment and are acquiring a great range of new competencies.


Again, our revenues in all areas of our business are growing significantly - by almost 40 percent in total.
Our brand, eeny meeny, debuts successfully in the modern sales channel (Rossmann chain).
It has increased revenues 2.5 times and has won awards at recognized competitions (LoveCosmeticsAwards and Polish Businesswomen Awards).
We develop our laboratory software and prepare for its sale.
We obtain a certificate of compliance with the most rigorous industry standard - IFS HPC in the Higher Level standard, held by less than 10% of companies producing cosmetics in Poland.



This should be an excellent year for us - we plan to start selling software and debut a new cosmetics brand.
In addition, we are constantly increasing the scale of cooperation with external brands, which we comprehensively develop.
The future promises to be exciting :)

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