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How can we help you and your brand?


We provide advice on cosmetic technologies – on selecting raw materials, optimum consistency, possible results, etc. We also talk directly about the technological limitations that natural cosmetics have at present.


We help you find proven suppliers of all packaging materials: jars, bottles, tubes, cartons, or labels. We tell you which supplier is right for your project – based on the volume, budget, etc.


We can advise on marketing objectives for both individual products and the brand as a whole. We can also help you connect with industry experts with years of experience in brand marketing.

EU documentationEU documentation

We not only create documentation for the EU territory but also advise on compliance with the recommendations of the European Commission (soft law), which can be interpreted differently by national supervisory authorities (e.g. State Sanitary Inspectorate).

Export documentationExport documentation

We counsel companies that arrange shipments of goods outside the EU - help prepare the necessary documentation and sometimes even advise on the proper nomenclature of the product to speed up the whole process.

Business assumptionsBusiness assumptions

When we consider working with a start-up, we analyze and give constructive criticism to the business assumptions - this helps customers make a more informed decision about whether to pursue or withdraw from an investment.


We advise on the right timing for product launches, discuss seasonality, if any, and discuss the best time windows for launches. We also suggest how to plan the timing of a product launch.


We are also open to talking about issues other than those mentioned above. We love brainstorming and creative problem-solving. We are open to any way of developing your business that will also develop ours :)

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