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What assures final quality?


Our formulations are created using the latest achievements of cosmetology with proven effectiveness in vivo and in vitro tests. In some cases, we are the first in Poland to introduce modern raw materials or create unique raw materials according to a customer’s order.


We love natural oils, all kinds of plant butter, and active extracts, so we use them extensively in our formulations. We avoid mineral oils (petroleum jelly, paraffin), synthetic emulsifiers, PEGs, and petroleum derivatives.


Our experienced team has created many market best-sellers for various brands and price ranges. This team guarantees the quality of the products we make. Under the supervision of experienced technologists, our young laboratory employees gain a wealth of experience.


Each formulation is developed until the customer fully accepts it. Our customers have a tangible impact on what we create. We send promising samples by courier and wait for feedback to get closer to the customer’s desired target.


With a large and experienced R&D team, we minimize the risk of prolonged laboratory work and postponement of the product launch. As an option, we offer the security of testing additional, slightly modified versions.


We prepare complete documentation for the EU market and coordinate its completion for other markets. Our internal Safety Assessor is involved at every stage of the project – from the approval of raw materials to the completion of the PIF.


When creating formulations, we avoid synthetic raw materials such as parabens, silicones, certain nanomaterials, or allergens. We select the composition and scope of tests so there are no problems with product registration in the indicated target markets.


We respect our customers and their interests from the very beginning of our cooperation: by applying a confidentiality agreement, transferring copyrights to formulations, or determining the total cost of the service at the initial stage of the work.


Our R&D laboratory is well equipped, for example, with Courage+Khazaka scientific research equipment. It allows us to verify the effectiveness of the created cosmetics at the early stage of initial formulation versions.

Own raw materialsOwn raw materials

We offer the use of our own ingredients – they are characterized by high concentrations, natural preservatives, and a shallow carbon footprint and are sometimes created from agricultural waste.


The formulation process is recorded in our software, which reports progress to the customer’s information exchange system on the project management platform. The customer knows what is happening with their project at every stage.

Easy implementationEasy implementation

The creation of formulations by the company that will simultaneously produce them is a guarantee of a smooth implementation. Transferring production processes between companies is a technologically complex and time-consuming activity.

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