Development of cosmetic ingredients

For clients who wish to exploit our non-standard potential

Why do we develop our own ingredients when thousands are on the market?


On-site production reduces the carbon footprint associated with transport, storage, and pollution from disposable shipping containers, helping to protect our environment.

Skin protectionSkin protection

By creating our own ingredients, not only can we choose natural and mild preservatives, but we can also reduce the amount of preservatives used, significantly reducing the risk of irritation and allergies, which is extremely important for many consumers.

Sustainability of suppliesSustainability of supplies

Our ingredients department stores the source material required for the production of ingredients, thus minimizing the risk of their unavailability – we are currently seeing how important this is with troubled supply chains.

Proven efficacyProven efficacy

The raw materials we produce are tested not only for standardized content but also for conducting extensive research to confirm their effectiveness, which supports the marketing of cosmetics that contain them.

Individual projectsIndividual projects

Our team can develop individual raw materials exclusive to your brand – which can make your products unique and enhance their character (also using recycling and pro-cycling agricultural waste).


We produce ingredients on demand for current production – this limits possible losses of out-of-date raw materials and guarantees freshness, translating into high repeatability of operations.


We provide complete testing and documentation for our raw materials, including testing for heavy metal content. All documentation is available in both Polish and English.

Your ideaYour idea

Sometimes we come up with ideas for specific raw materials, and other times we work according to your ideas. We can also help create documentation for innovative raw materials developed externally.

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