Ready-made formulations

Licensed only for selected, large projects

Why do we very rarely offer a finished formulation licensing service?

Shorter implementation timeShorter implementation time

Creating from an off-the-shelf formulation still requires testing for compatibility with the packaging, which means that in real terms, the implementation time is reduced by around 3-5 months.

Lower costLower cost

In this model, we do not transfer the property copyright but only grant a license. We also do not have to carry out part of the research. The cost of formulation development thus drops by about half.

No brand characterNo brand character

A cosmetic created using this method often does not have the characteristics with which the brand is recognized.

Good, but not outstandingGood, but not outstanding

Investments based on ready-made formulations usually focus on price, so the formulations created for this purpose are not outstanding but “only” good, with a strong emphasis on the price/quality ratio.

Based on older technologiesBased on older technologies

Ready-made formulations often created "for the drawer" can take a long time to reach the customer; thus, the technology used in them becomes dated. It's certainly not an advantage in the online cosmetics industry, which is alive with novelties, but it can work well in in-store distribution.

No proprietary copyrightsNo proprietary copyrights

A ready-made formulation is licensed rather than sold, making the customer dependent on a single supplier, and it is also limited in the scope of possible upgrades.

A small selection of ready-made formulationsA small selection of ready-made formulations

We are a company that works with more than 95% individual formulations, which makes our range of ready-made formulations very limited and rarely updated.

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