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Initial analysis

The sales department analyses the inquiry, and if it falls within the scope of our offer, we ask for general information.
If the project is not within our interests, we communicate this directly.
If we see that we could be good partners for each other and the project looks promising, we ask for more details.

Detailed analysis

We suggest signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to safeguard the customer's interests.
We send you detailed price lists for formulation and production and then ask you to send us the details.
If we see a viable opportunity to work together, we propose a personal meeting at our premises (or online if a personal one is impossible).



During the meeting (about two hours), we discuss the project's strengths and weaknesses.
Both parties should be prepared to talk directly about the project's technological, marketing, and economic aspects.
We adopt the organizational framework for further cooperation.
After the meeting, we send a summary and a template of the cooperation agreement.

Detailed briefs for each product

We consider our findings, technological and economic limitations, and the possibility of using cosmetic raw materials produced by us with a high percentage of naturalness and a reduced carbon footprint.
We choose whether the project will be carried out as an individual formulation (more than 95% of cases) or produced under license from a pool of ready-made formulations.
At this stage, based on a detailed price list, we can accurately estimate the product's cost.



We sign a framework contract and formulation orders based on briefs.
The customer pays a deposit, and we start laboratory work.
At the same time, we provide advice on raw materials and packaging.

Laboratory work

We prepare samples, check their quality and stability and send selected samples to the customer for evaluation (individual formulations) or prepare a sample for acceptance from the finished formulation. We work in the individual formulation mode until full acceptance by the customer.
After acceptance, we carry out all necessary tests and complete the documentation.
We assist the customer in preparing legal marketing descriptions.
Once the documentation is complete, we send it out, issue a final invoice for the formulation, and upon payment of the invoice, we transfer the copyrights to the customer (if purchased as part of the order).


Implementation / first production

We agree on the production order with the customer – dates, packaging delivery, and the production date.
The quality control department prepares production documentation, samples, etc.
The first production is carried out under the supervision of a technologist.
The production process follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) according to ISO 22716:2009 and IFS HPC.
Products are collected from our plant under incoterms EXW Opole.

Post-implementation consultancy

We advise n detailed questions from individual and business customers, help obtain documents necessary to export to other markets, provide assistance in product development and look forward to further orders.


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